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Its fruit spills from the worked lands into drops prepared with passion; red liquid that has ripened under the sun while resting on oak branches. In the stillness, its spirit feeds on aromas and flavour, and upon waking, fills cups of emotions to the brim with its essence. This is how we elegantly speak of its select character, reaffirming an extraordinary personality.

Aio, soul of the land,
soul of wine.



Pedro Sarrión
wine expert

Aged in new French oak barrels for 14 months. Very exclusive varietal wine with a great concentration of colour, aromas and flavour. For discerning people who want to taste a wine for aging that is strong and complex.

Pedro Martínez
Sommelier, Golden nose 2001

The first impression from the packaging and presentation is very, very good. It is very sound, modern, elegant, of today, which is a differentiating value.
As far as the wine is concerned, the first impression is of a good layer and highly intense colour with no symptom of evolution. It holds up very well to long aging in barrels and bottle time.
In the olfactory phase, what stands out is the good aging and good use of French barrels. Secondly, the expression of fruit is very weighty. In the mouth it is pleasant upon contact, with a good mouth wheel, where the acidity-freshness and tartness-tannin of the fruit and wood dialogue in good harmony with the weight of the wine.

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