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Born in the 1980’s from the union of two concepts evident in their name, from the fruit, which is what we are dedicated to, and from sport, due to our love and practice of it; and with all the positive connotations these two words bring to our products, such as dynamism, movement, strength, passion, nature and above all, what is healthy, criteria that are still currently very much alive.

In 2012, the brand’s image, was modernised, giving it greater coherence, personality, humanity and, above all, a greater link with nature, as can be seen in its outlines, colours and the different graphic support that has been created, such as new boxes and trays for transporting and presenting the apricots and peaches. This is something we use to reinforce a basic idea: the high quality of these products we market under our esteemed brand.

The family is extended in 2015 with the birth of a new brand, Tierra de Eurontur . They have a more minimalist design than its predecessor, in which the union between the fruit and the land that has seen him be born, grow and mature, and therefore the constant changes that occur in both exalts. That is why a more serene and sober brand.

This brand was created by the need for the long haul a support timber, which helps preserve more efficiently the high quality of our varieties of apricot and Paraguayo.

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